» Sound and acoustic recording

We propose you to record your project in optimal acoustic conditions. All our cabins have been designed and made so that the sound of your instruments should be reproduced with high fidelity.

The bass-traps allow an efficient reduction and control of both colors and harmonic generated by low frequencies.

The policylinder are resonator with diaphragm allowing and absorption of undesirable low frequencies while keeping the clarity and bright of the original sound.

The absorbers and diffuser are by definition located on the ceiling or on the walls to get the sound diffused homogeneously.

Both guitar cabin and control room are equiped with a concrete slab built indepentantly to the floor to avoid the diffusion of undesirable vibrations coming from the speakers.

» Microphones

Once the room has been properly treated, both quality and location of microphones are crucial. Indeed they are the starting points of the sound recording process.

We are equiped with a complete set of microphones: dynamic, electro, static, tape…giving you a large choice given you instrument and the kind of music you want to produce.

» Pre-amplifiers

We use a combination of analogic and numerical pre-amplifiers with different ‘colors’ to preserve the neutrality of the sound recording.

» Converters

Their role is to transform the electric signal into numerical information (1 and 0).

It is also a crucial point in the recording process. We have converters with mastering quality up to 192kHz

» Comfort

All cabins are equipped with AC for a real comfort whatever the season.