With the existing technologies, the number of Home Studios and low rent recording have sharply increased.

However, producers and artists know that this type of structure can reach some limits when it comes to properly finalise a project.

This is where the pre-mastering step is crucial:

» Here is the principle:

The follow up and optimisation of levels can render your musical project homogeneous

The creation of cross fades respecting simutaneously the rhythm and the structure of each track.

The treatement is done track by track to bring the last corrections to the mix and bring a specific colour to the sound if needed.

This is a way for your CD to be duplicated in any music factory but also to be read and listened on any systems thanks to the ‘red-book indexation’ standard.

It also allows to write on the CD any literal informations related to the project as well as ‘pq’ and ‘isrc’ codes in case the producer is either a label or a major.

To fulfill this need, we offer a transparent digital audio working station : Magix Samplitude, and also high quality converter, deidicated processor ,hardware and software treatment made by Waves, Api, Pendulum, Lavry… But for sure the most important tools in our studio is the studio itself and the experience of the operator.

A Klein & Hummel monitoring system with a remarkable audio fidelity in a well acousticaly treated room.

Lastly and in case you are in a rush, too busy or far from Paris, you can also send us your track(s) through our securised server and then receive your mastering within 48 hours.

Note also that through this approach you will receive a [disk image] that you will only have to burn thanks to dedicated softwares like “Toast” or “Plextools” before sendind it to the factory.

The following formats will be accepted : up to 24 BITS 96 KHZ (24 bits being optimal).

In case you are recorded in 16 bits make sure not to convert any files !!! .wav, .aiff sd2 Masterlink cd24 dvdr ou cdr dat.

We work on any résolution but be aware that 24 bits is the optimal one.
You can hear on the player below few exemples of our works :

Feel free to contact us either by email or by phone for further information.

And don’t remember that we will work on your project until your entire satisfaction.